A Spectacular Overnight Trip to Ischia

View from the Terrace of the Immacolata

We decided to tackle this island again since our first trip to Ischia was somewhat of a disaster. Previously, we’d taken the ferry into the wrong port, and then we walked around aimlessly without a plan, in high temperatures and high humidity. But, we learned from our mistakes! For this trip, we researched before we went, and we ended up enjoying a spectacular overnight trip to Ischia! The island is small, but it has so much to offer.

Strolling through the Streets

Jon surprised me with this weekend trip for my birthday. He planned ahead, and arranged a wonderful getaway for the two of us.

We took an early ferry (to the right port!), and we arrived at our amazing hotel on the harbor. The hotel had its own thermal spas and massage and beauty treatments. The rooms had large balconies overlooking the port. What a perfect place to stay!

Straightaway, we set off on a walk down Corso Vittoria Colonna, a street which has many ceramic and limoncello shops. We ended up spending a lot of time at one ceramic shop, as we befriended the owner. He invited us back for espresso the next morning (which we accepted) and gave us a discount on a set of plates.

Ancient Beauty at Castello Aragonese

Afterward, we ate lunch and continued to walk towards Castello Aragonese. This castle sits on a volcanic rocky inlet, connected by a stone bridge about 700 feet long. The first fortress was built in 474 BC. It was abandoned for a long time, but in 1441, the castle was rebuilt and connected to the main island with the stone bridge. It reached its peak in the 16th century, when it housed 1892 families with 13 churches. The castle walls enclose courtyards, gardens, churches, antique archways, and terraces with outstanding views of the sea, the harbor, and the peninsula.

Thermal Spas in Ischia

Following the castle, we walked back to the hotel to check out their thermal bath. Ischia is known for its thermal pools and health spas. The water is from the natural hot springs, which are heated by the volcano! Apparently, it’s good for a variety of health treatments and we certainly had to try it out! We also took advantage of their massage services.

We had a wonderful and relaxing time here. Taking an overnight trip to Ischia really allowed us to take in more of the island than a regular day trip.