Capodimonte Park in Naples

Capodimonte Park in Naples

We took advantage of a gorgeous Naples day and headed to Capodimonte Park. Capodimonte literally means “head of the mountain,” and it is without a doubt just that! It’s a big area that includes a park, a royal palace, a national museum, an astronomical observatory, and a porcelain factory.

On this particular day, we decided to stay outside and explore the park grounds. While we didn’t see inside the museum and palace, we had a wonderful day enjoying the weather and getting Maya out for some exercise.

What You’ll See in Capodimonte Park

Capodimonte Park sprawls across a high plateau, overlooking Naples and the bay. From other lookout points, you can see Mt. Vesuvius ominously looking over the city, as well as the coast of Sorrento far across the Bay of Naples.

Once we stepped into the park, we felt a sense of relief from the busy streets outside. The park’s natural environment seemed a little bit calmer and quieter, and people here seemed at ease. There are kids playing soccer, couples picnicking on blankets, joggers and bikers exercising without fear of getting hit by cars, and dogs playing fetch. We always wondered where we could find all of the greenery in Naples, and evidently it’s all in the park!

You won’t realize the magnitude of the park until you pass through the “Porta di Mezzo” (Middle Doorway), which is a high gate leading to the main park grounds. Here, there are different paths to take. Some lead to statues gazing down at the people and some lead to various trails and deeper forests. We walked around for a couple of hours, getting lost in different directions and losing ourselves to the calmness of the park.

You’ll Want to Come Back!

We see ourselves coming to Capodimonte Park often either to run, bike, or simply stroll. Unlike the busy streets just outside the gates, this is a serene place that feels like a perfect escape.

It is without a doubt one of the many gems of Naples.