The Hidden Gem that’s Worth the Visit

If you visit Sorrento, you might understand why I consider it the gateway to the Amalfi Coast. While Sorrento isn’t technically part of the Amalfi Coast, driving to it gives you your first taste of the stunning beauty in the area. Take in the scenery, enjoy the tasty food and limoncello, and you’ll easily decide that Sorrento is worth the visit.

Getting to Sorrento

Our first time going to Sorrento was with my parents. My mom was hesitant about going on the twisty winding roads of the Amalfi Coast, but quickly lost any feeling of nausea when she saw the beautiful sights below her.

We found Sorrento to be a much easier drive to get to than the other towns. Parking was easy and because we always went in the off season it wasn’t very crowded at all.

The main street was lined with high-end shops, hotels, and cute restaurants. We walked down a narrow street with touristy shops, filled with art, ceramics, and other Italian souvenirs. Of course we gobbled it up! We walked towards the water and took in the scenery. Sorrento is a charming town and we can see why so many people flock to it.

Learning about Lemons in Sorrento

Sorrento has a ton of limoncello shops that you can go into and try the merchandise. I was surprised to learn that there are other “cello” flavors besides lemon. Meloncello is a very popular one in the area and has a sweeter undertone than the lemon.

But don’t get me wrong, everything here is lemon-centered. The peel of the Sorrento lemon is very rich in essential oils which makes it very fragrant. The lemon juice is high in mineral salts which give it detoxifying and antioxidant properties. Not only are Sorrento lemons used in a ton of cooking dishes, they are used in non-food products as well. They also sell lemon perfume, soaps, lotion, and anything else that would benefit from its beautiful fragrance.

The Unique Charm of Sorrento

Sorrento is filled with beauty, charm, and of course LEMONS! There’s really no other place like it. Whether you travel directly to Sorrento, or visit the town as part of your trip to the Amalfi Coast, you will easily see why it’s worth a visit.