Our Favorite Travel Products!

Anyone who has kids know they come with a lot of baggage… literally. Things get lighter as they get older, but there are certain essentials that we never travel without. Furthermore, a lot of these items are great for traveling solo as well. So here they are, all in one place, our favorite travel products for any trip!

  1. Travel Blackout Curtains. Unless you’re staying in a hotel where you know they’ll have blackout curtains, these are a lifesaver. Especially if you’re changing time zones. We have brought these all over the world when we needed to sleep in from jet lag and didn’t want the 6:00 sun waking us up, or needed to go to sleep earlier than the summer sun would allow (24 hour sunlight in the Arctic Circle, anyone?).
  2. Eye Masks. We’ve used these fun eye masks on the plane on overnight flights, or for the same reasons as the travel blackout curtains. The kids like the fuzzy unicorns and I appreciate a soft, light-blocking mask.
  3. Packing Cubes. This is a great way to keep everyone’s stuff organized and in their own space. Each kid’s stuff can usually fit into one large cube. And when we open the suitcase, we just take it out by the handle and they have all of their stuff! The smaller ones can be used for swimsuits, underwear, laundry, or more. These particular cubes come with a laundry bag and shoe bag.
  4. Travel Charger Holding Case. Have you ever forgotten your charger? What if you needed multiple ones, for multiple products? This travel charging bag has been a lifesaver! It holds all of your chargers in one place so when you’re ready for a trip you grab the bag and go. Buy extra chargers to keep in there year-round so you don’t have to keep packing it for each trip. Game changer! If you’re looking for a smaller size then this one is perfect!
  5. Portable Battery Charger. Losing power on the go and can’t find an outlet? These things are a lifesaver. Having these in your backpack can give you peace of mind in making sure all of your gear is charged. We carry two of them with one of them able to charge your laptop. Make sure you have them charged before heading out. Need a connector cable? Try this one.
  6. Clear Plastic Medicine/Toiletry Bags. These are great to have for your liquids. We have used them in our checked baggage and because they are clear and quart size, you can take them on the plane as well. Nobody wants red Tylenol all over their clothes!
  7. Portable Sound Machine. Great for kids and adults, this light, portable sound machine will help block out unwanted noise and soothe everyone to sleep.
  8. Car Seat Roller Cart. If you’re bringing a car seat on the plane then this is a must. Strap the car seat into it and you can use it as a stroller throughout the airport without lugging everything around. It folds up nicely to put in the overhead compartment.
  9. Travel Laundry Sheets. These are perfect for a quick wash in the sink if you don’t have access to laundry services. We recently used them on our ten day trip to Italy and we were impressed with how clean everything got! They are light and convenient!
  10. Inflatable Travel Foot Rest Pillow. We bought these specifically for overnights flights. I think these are best for kids under five as they can spread out and really get some sleep! My five year old was able to sleep on her side with her legs resting on the pillow, My eight year old was able to use it as well, but it wasn’t as effective.
  11. Resistance Band Set. These resistance bands will ensure that you get some kind of workout in while on vacation. They’re easy to pack, have five different levels, and are fabric so they stay put!

So there you have it.. our favorite travel products all in one spot! All in all, it’s a pretty concise list, but each product has a very specific and important function!

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