What to Know about Markets in Naples

Shopping the markets of Naples is exciting and chaotic, and its an experience you can’t miss! There are about 60 permanent markets in the area, and each one is unique and special in its own way. There’s a lot to know about the markets in Naples; but, we found that once we immersed ourselves in this unique part of Neapolitan culture, we really enjoyed the experience.

You can shop at markets for fruits, vegetables, fish, seafood, cheese, and meat. Plus, you can explore markets for flowers, antiques, clothing, bags, shoes, household goods, books, and electronics. Finally, there are seasonal Christmas markets, offering nativity scene paraphernalia and all kinds of Christmas goodies. And a lot of them combine all of the above! You can find anything from worthless trinkets to priceless antiques and works of art.

Understanding the Markets

Many of the markets are named for their location. For example, the market in Pozzuoli is called — wait for it — the “Pozzuoli Fish and Produce Market.” Similarly, others are named for their products, like “Shoe Alley” or “Christmas Alley.” “Thieves Alley” got its nickname because it seems to sell many items, like electronics, that have fallen off of the back of a truck.

There are high-end markets and low-end markets, markets that are known for having the best fish, and markets known for having a high amount of gypsies asking for money.

Too fully understand them, we found it best to just go and see the markets for ourselves.

Shopping Shoe Alley in the summer

Our Favorite Markets in Naples

We’ve been to quite a few of these markets, fighting our way through the narrow roads and overflowing stalls, and elbowing our way to the front along with local Neapolitans. The markets can definitely be a hit or miss. We especially like going to a market for the fresh produce, fish, and seafood to make for dinner. But we’ll hit the other markets when we’re in the mood to browse or when a friend might be going.

We snapped some photos of some popular markets.

The markets are without a doubt an important part of life in Naples and keep this city thriving. They are a place to find great deals, fresh food, and test your bargaining skills (although we need some practice in this department).

The markets are the charm and culture of Naples and they create a captivating experience!